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"Baia, an ancient port in the Gulf of Naples where during the Roman Empire ships were repaired, is the birthplace of one of the most well-known made in Italy brands in the world for the construction of modern and fast yachts: Baia."

Baia is an Italian shipbuilding company founded in 1961. The history and evolution of Baia are linked to high-performance sports boats, and the company innovates with the aim of going faster and faster.

Built with the intention of each representing a unique piece in its kind, all Baia yachts are characterized by sporty lines, speed at sea, elegant and refined designs, and carefully crafted interiors that clearly show great attention to detail.

Today, in the modern facilities of Viareggio and Pisa, Baia's expert craftsmen continue to blend tradition with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that each vessel reflects the brand's constant commitment to quality and attention to detail."

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+39 344 34 16 908 commerciale@baiayacht.com Cantieri di Baia S.R.L. Via Tramontana 5 55049 Viareggio (LU)